Privacy Policy

Our website is built in compliance with high security standards to protect our visitors’ privacy. Confidentiality is very important to us. We guarantee total safety of the information our customers provide to this website. Please find out more by reading our privacy policy. When you read this page you provide us with the permission to gather, keep and use your personal information following the guidelines of our privacy policy.

Why do we need to get some information on our visitors?

The data we use is necessary for:

How do we get the required information?

We use cookie-files to collect the information about visitors to our website. With your permission a website uses a web browser to send cookie-files to the hard drive. With the help of cookies websites identify the used browser, collect and keep information about users.

Cookies provide data to the analytical mechanisms that process information about users’ behavioral attributes. This helps us to detect your requirements and preferences to apply this knowledge and enhance your future experience with this website. Instruments used for analytics also get the data on traffic flow and website interaction.

Denial of responsibility

Website visitors can easily accept or reject cookies. Generally web browsers have default settings to accept cookies, but it can be easily changed by disabling cookies in your browser settings.

Our website may have links to other Internet resources. Be aware that we are not responsible for security and privacy issues attributed to the activities performed by other websites. It is advisable that you read carefully privacy policy page on the web resources you use.

As far as tailored advertising campaigns are concerned, you can visit ( to sign out of the advertising activities performed by the listed agencies. The ads will still be viewable; but these targeting resources won’t deliver them to you.